Jessie Leah Nagler
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Dancer. Choreographer. Personal Trainer.

Jessie hails from Long Island, New York. After high school, she shuffled off to Buffalo and earned her degree in Dance with a minor in Human Nutrition. After years of land life Jessie took to sailing the high seas as a performer on the Oceania Marina and Sirena! She then relocated to Los Angeles to continue dancing and pursue her passion for physical therapy. You can see her perform with OdDancity and in RAW’s next showcase, REFLECT, at Boulevard 3!

Jessie is currently pursuing a graduate degree in exercise science, has visited 42 countries, is a proud Ravenclaw, and loves to run. When she isn’t creating or performing you can find her at the gym training and helping her clients reach their health and fitness goals.


Upcoming Performances

February 27 @ Boulevard 3


We believe that we are stronger together than we are apart. By joining together we can do more to share the creative culture of our generation. We think that every independent artist deserves the right to be seen, heard and loved.

Coming Soon:

OdDancity’s next full-length work is officially in progress! April 2019.

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In addition to regularly performing with OdDancity, Jessie has also been featured in:

**REFLECT, RAW Artists. - Dancer/Choreographer

The Art of Dance Unedited, Royalty Dance Co. - Featured Dancer

INVOKE, Santa Mira Pictures/OdDancity - Featured Dancer

Norwegian Creative Studios, Oceania Cruises - Dancer/Singer/Actor

Anything Goes, BroadHollow Theatre Co. - Chastity/Ensemble

Ballet Long Island - Corps de Ballet

**Up-coming performance! Don’t miss out!


Height: 5’4”

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue